Faculty Research Interests

Please refer to the full-time faculty page for contact information or these faculty research bios (from Spring 2015) for further information, this list below is a much abbreviated summary of research and project interest.

Faculty Research Interests and Links
Faculty Member Keywords Web Page Developer Page(s)
Mark V. Albert machine learning, healthcare analytics, wearables, computational neuroscience, mva.me  
Peter L. Dordal computer networks, social implications of technology pld.cs.luc.edu  
Stephen Doty programming languages, computer algebra systems, automata theory, algorithms, cryptography doty.math.luc.edu  
Ronald Greenberg STEM outreach, algorithms, parallel computing, rig.cs.luc.edu/~rig  
Andrew N. Harrington Interactive learning, algorithms, programming competitions and engagement anh.cs.luc.edu  
Nicholas Hayward digital humanities, open source development Nicholas Hayward sketch github.com/ancientlives
Konstantin Läufer programming languages, software architecture, distributed systems, mobile/pervasive computing laufer.cs.luc.edu github.com/klaufer
Channah Naiman data mining, information technology Channah Naiman  
Catherine Putonti bioinformatics, computational biology putonti-lab.com  
Chandra Sekharan network optimization, parallel algorithms, databases, performance engineering, csekharan.com  
George K. Thiruvathukal high performance computing, operating systems, distributed systems, storage and I/O, programming languages, scientific computing, digital humanities, music thiruvathukal.com github/gkthiruvathukal
Robert Yacobellis software engineering, mobile computing, data-driven software development and design Bob Yacobellis sketch