Why Research in CS at LUC?ΒΆ

The reasons for performing research are as diverse as the projects, but there are often a number of advantages student describe beyond their typical undergraduate curriculum.

  • Develop a project beyond what you started as a course project
  • Impact in the the scientific and technical community in small, focused pursuits or through expansive reviews of existing approaches
  • More in-depth advising through a closer, mutually beneficial relationship with faculty
  • Building practical skills through more substantial, hands-on training
  • Demonstrate your abilities to future employers or programs with a significant, completed project representing your skills and efforts
  • Engage in collaborative efforts necessary to forward goals that can only be done with long-term sustained group efforts

Computer science is a unique field where a simple idea can become a start-up reality or a popular online open source project through focussed, sustained effort alone. Your time at Loyola is a valuable opportunity to pursue these projects through guidance by faculty and collaboration with other enthusiastic students. You have resources available at Loyola that you would not have without significant upfront investment later - take the opportunity while you can.